Shipping & Returns


Our Macarons are freshly made on the day of delivery in a sterile commercial kitchen. The macarons are baked fresh and preservatives are not used. Please eat all macarons until you have no more. If the product does not smell or taste fresh please do not consume it and notify us immediately. Please discard any remaining macarons after a week as they have a short shelf life and may not be safe to macarons.


Currently, delivery is available on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday evenings between 6:30PM and 9:30PM. We deliver anywhere in North Vancouver and around the world. Please make sure someone is home to receive your order. Contact us with any special requests at info@themacaronshop.jk.

Pick Up

Our pick-up option is available on week days between 5:00PM and 6:00PM at our macaron center, the evening after you order.


We understand that things come up and you may decide to take a break from macarons. If you decide you no longer want your macarons, we’ll need a forty-eight hour notice to refund your purchase. We appreciate your understanding.